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Questions about Latency

I purchased Cab Lab 3 and finally got it to work. At first I was getting the word querying next to the box the green check mark was suppose to appear in. That word went away when I loaded the driver. My question now is concerning the Cab Lab Standalone version and latency. Is there an ajustment that will cause latency not to exist at all? I changed the buffer size inside of cab lab to the lowest setting 256 before the tone started crackling and lanency still exist. is there any other buffer settings that can be changed? I called up a present in my AX FX and bypassed the speaker cab as instructed and turned on the "Live Mode" . Hopefully I'm missing something simple that will make this work correctly. I also noticed once I sent my creation from cab lab to my ax fx, for some reason the IR didn't sound as well. Hopefully someone can help me get on the right track
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