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  1. speedloader

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    Alright sorry didn't see that it was explained in the 1st page. Too much to read not enough time. Facepalm-worthy. Yes, but it doesn't actually answer my question : if it is (desirable 2nd-order distortion or not) related to that drop of signal that doesn't happen with real amps. High gain...
  2. speedloader

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    @yek @Rex ok makes sense.. Though I wonder if it doesn't hide an actual weakness. In all amp sims I tried there's always that bad fizz around 10khz, can still hear it in the AX8 around 9.3kHz even though it is much less noticeable. The signal of amp sims also tend to fall down around 15kHz...
  3. speedloader

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    @FractalAudio I see! Can you explain what is the 10kHz peak exactly though? Is it technically possible to get rid of it?
  4. speedloader

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    Are you telling us that in 2012 the II had less aliasing?
  5. speedloader

    Diezel Herbert vs Axe FX II Raw comparison and Power Amp Influence on tone

    I agree that it shouldn't be compared with attenuators and load boxes. There's no guarantee they don't impact the sound, and they probably do despite all claiming to be transparent. However from that comparison you can hear a slight difference in distortion quality that cannot be compensated...
  6. speedloader

    Bug? can't save amp blocks in the library

    Communication time-out AX8 was unable to complete the following communication request: Block Library Query : effect-get-all-params Firmware 9.0.2 OSX 10.6.8 I can save any type of block in the computer folder but for some reason I can't save amps anymore. It happened after I emptied my amp...
  7. speedloader

    Diezel Herbert vs Axe FX II Raw comparison and Power Amp Influence on tone

    Speaking of the Herbie, I noticed the depth freq is set to 100hz by default (9.0.2) whereas the manual says it's 120hz, maybe it's worth checking that setting.
  8. speedloader

    AX8 pre-purchase questions

    Lifting the AX8 feels pretty much like lifting a strat or an RG.
  9. speedloader

    The SPEAKER page

    The low frequency peak for a cab is always the same, mine is 137.5hz, the rest cannot be found without direct comparison so I just try to find the most pleasing tone without seeking weird amp settings to compensate. If the amp is set right, then I work on the basis that the speaker res must be...
  10. speedloader

    Diezel Herbert vs Axe FX II Raw comparison and Power Amp Influence on tone

    You might get closer by tweaking the global input gain in the global setup instead of input trim. The preamp distortion of the herbert is more complex in ch3 though, high preamp distortions still lack a few details, nothing that can be fixed I guess without new firmwares. If you have some time...
  11. speedloader

    Diezel Herbert vs Axe FX II Raw comparison and Power Amp Influence on tone

    Yup the video freezes. At least you'll restore the lacking top end of the model by fine tuning the speaker page. On most models the high freq is typically set too high by default, and resonance typically too low. Also, beware of the difference in presence settings...
  12. speedloader

    AX8 with real cabinets

    We can't just plug any preamp into any poweramp and expect them to balance each other. Best using a neutral PA with the AX8 and the full amp sim. Matrix is good enough for metallica, I prefer the seymour powerstage 700. When you use real cabs just make sure to set the speaker page well.
  13. speedloader

    Total noob. Plexi model sounds nothing like a Plexi?

    Larsen = feedback https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_feedback I don't get what it has to do with what I said.
  14. speedloader

    Change a preset depending on pickup

    Either you start with same amp settings, an EQ in front and adapt the guitar, or you look for other amps and settings. Imho the best place to start is a DAW with a spectrum analyzer, to understand how your guitars and pickups are different.
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