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Recent content by slothy one

  1. slothy one

    AC/DC - Highway to Hell tone

    nice one man. sounds good.
  2. slothy one

    Tone match (Acoustic)

    We need more patch
  3. slothy one

    blackened melodic death metal and ENGL invader patch

    sounds pretty sick to me man
  4. slothy one

    Gojira -"Explosia" Mix practice (DI's included)

    AWESOME. I love this song. And the guitars sound heavy - even a little heavier and darker than the album. Great job. Thanks for posting the patch.
  5. slothy one

    Opeth Inspired Song .... Patches Included!

    that was sick. I love how you go from cleans to the growls effortlessly. I'm downloading your EP.
  6. slothy one

    36 seconds of death metal (8 strings and the misha patch)

    nice. sounds like some early corpsegrinder-era cannibal corpse to me.
  7. slothy one

    Modern Metal Tone (need feedback!)

    For sure. Here's the patch. I blended these two patches for both L and R - with minor tweaks in the dynamics/power/tone pages on the amp block. I will have to look into tweaking the bias. I don't have any familiarity with that. I'm going to look into boosting the mids. I'd be...
  8. slothy one

    Modern Metal Tone (need feedback!)

    thanks for the feedback everyone!
  9. slothy one

    Veil of Maya - Mikasa - Guitar and drum playthrough

    also, what kind of guitar is that. It looks familiar... ebony fretboard?
  10. slothy one

    Modern Metal Tone (need feedback!)

    Hi all, I wanted to share a clip from the most recent rendition of a song I've been working on for some time. I've been wavering on whether I like the tone, and I'm at the point where I need some fresh ears to take a listen and give me feedback. My personal thought is that the guitars have a...
  11. slothy one

    Using Multiband Compressor to bring out lower notes

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to use the multiband compressor to bring out the lower note of my 8 string guitar. When I play an open note power chord (tuning low EBEADGBE), the low B drowns out the low E - basically because the low B has more tone and cuts through the bassier E string. I'd like...
  12. slothy one

    Shai Hulud - Reach Beyond The Sun

    The tone sounds really good and your playing style is very spot-on.
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