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  • yeah i transcribed scales for shotgunn and did a video lesson w/ him. he's way cool, super nice dude, and great to do business with. :D
    For anyone who's looking to order stuff thru shotgunn's dealership, this is just to let you all know that he's a GREAT guy to deal with, very professional, and will have you with a smile on your face at the end of it. Shipped quickly and packaged like a boss. I even had some special requests of him, and he was very helpful and accomodating, I'd definitely do business again! ;) (I'm hoping for that fishman triple play next :D )
    Hey shotgunn. I'm on the west coast, where are you?

    Let me know if you want to talk on the phone and I'll pm you my number. Stay well.
    I saw the mod you did on the midi solutions unit.Great work!Heres my problem,i am running a voodoolab GCP as well.I need to add an exp pedal port as there are only two and i need three.So i have a MIDI Solutions footswitch controller(msfc) for this purpose.However the msfc is powered thru the input and the input is connected to the output of the GCP.Therefore the phantom power cannot reach the GCP thru the msfc and im forced to use the dc power supply which i also hate!.Surely there is a way to mod it so that i can phantom power the msfc and GCP with one cable.The problem is midi signal is traveling thru the inputs,but power is traveling thru the outputs and the msfc is not wired in this way.Would you know how i can accomplish this?I have 5 and seven pin cables with dc insertion wired.is there a way i can mod the msfc so that power travels thru it on say the output's 5th pin and out the input to power the GCP and then the msfc will receive power on the 1st pin from the GCP's output?
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