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Recent content by Sharka

  1. Sharka

    A cool band I discovered a couple years ago, thanks to Pandora's algorithms: Crack The Sky

    OMG... I remember when this album came out (on old scratchy vinyl, I may even still have it). What's funny, some of it (especially the vocal harmonies and arrangments) sounds a bit "precursor" to King's -X. Well to me at least. A forgotten gem. Thanks for keeping it alive!
  2. Sharka

    Wish MIDI Note messages

    +1 (bump, keeping this wish alive) Off-topic and I've mentioned this before in another thread, but in addition to the "Note On/Off" type, it would be amazing to have the ability to add a "controller" to the value parameter. Both of these additions would bust open a world of creative possibilities.
  3. Sharka

    FAS-FX Reverb 1.5

    Sweet upgrade price! I'm in!
  4. Sharka

    Studio Slip for FM9

    This is more in my budget range... It sticks out a little bit at the top, but it'll be fine.
  5. Sharka

    The music that got you going

    I have some very resonant (ridiculously) early memories. At 3 or 4, while riding in my parent's car I heard something that changed everything (for better or worse. Ha!)... And that other thing... Alex Lifeson Rik Emmet Gordon Lightfoot Frank Marino Neil Young Kim Mitchell
  6. Sharka

    Health Update

    @bishop5150, I've kicked ass many nights using some of your shared (Randy) presets. You need to beat this... I'll be needing more of those presets! :cool: Seriously, cardio issues are no joke, I have my share. Glad to hear you're in an area that can provide good care and you have good...
  7. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

    Waitlist 8/27/2021 1:36 PM EST Invite: Wed 9/22/2021 1:22 PM EST * ORDERED * ...and goodbye to this thread! Duces bitches! :cool:
  8. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

    Me neither, 8/27/2021 1:36 PM EST. Nothing in my spam folder... Many others have posted earlier times, so something is off, or that dude posted an incorrect timestamp.
  9. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

  10. Sharka

    The more you have to wait, the more…

    I've participated in all of Fractal’s product waitlists for more than a decade. They all mostly go about the same, some faster than others, but the keyword is... wait. We're in a good place, the FM9 list has already hit distribution. Let us remember It was well over a year before the FM3 list...
  11. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

  12. Sharka

    MXR 117 Flanger on the III

    It's true. I’ve been using Fractal products for over a decade now. Earlier, I was always critical of the AXE FX flanger or phaser in particular. Don’t get me wrong, they were okay, close enough to get the job done at a gig, but not quite like the original boxes I own. For me, they just missed...
  13. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

    I'm right there in the queue... should be interesting to see what a few minutes make? Of course, there are so many other factors outside these "junk" metrics. Me - 8/27/2021 1:36 EST Hopefully, the current distribution batch hasn't ended and the next batch is due March 2022 ...? (sad...
  14. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

    ...and when they don't, the chorus-line of whining will begin! =:·O
  15. Sharka

    Bluetooth headphone use.

    About 3 or 4 months ago I bought the SENNHEISER RS 175 RF Wireless Headphones to replace my broken Sony MDR - RF970 headphones. I was majorly disappointed, the latency was awful and I found them virtually useless for playing music. They're probably great for watching TV or listening to music in...
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