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Recent content by RoshRoslin

  1. RoshRoslin

    IEM + FRFR Cab?

    I use IEM occasionally with also 1 or 2 RCF NX-12SMAs. I'm usually using at least one FRFR cab on every gig, then add more cabinets if I need the volume. Add the IEM if I need to monitor for things like the click. If you need more "interaction" speaker placement is important. Don't just stick...
  2. RoshRoslin

    Can Axe III do a horn sound?

    I have to 100000x agree with this. Having had the same experience of helping Dweezil on his rig, his commitment to making articulations of other instruments translate to guitar is why all of his sounds and presets sound as good as they do. Watching him play sections of Inca Roads (originally...
  3. RoshRoslin

    Volume pedal setup

    Always on.
  4. RoshRoslin

    What is the future of music groups vs. individual performers, and instruments

    From a purely economic standpoint, it's obviously much much harder to get a group to the point of success where everyone can live off the income the music generates. If you're splitting the money four ways instead of one, that means you have to make 4x to cover everyone's living as opposed to an...
  5. RoshRoslin

    What Are Your Go-To Parameters for Tightening a High-Gain Tone for Low Fast Palm Mutes?

    Boost the input with a drive block, use the amp input boost And/or adjust the input EQ in the amp block to chop some lows
  6. RoshRoslin

    How to integrate Axe with two channel amp?

    Came here to post this. I use(d) an RJM amp switcher for years with a host of amps including a PT100, Mesa boogies etc. You send midi from the AxeFX to a midi block, the RJM amp switcher takes the midi (PC messages) and then switches the relay using a TRS cable. Seamless, easy to program and a...
  7. RoshRoslin

    Looper Timing Issues

    My mistake. Noted and corrected for future
  8. RoshRoslin

    Looper Timing Issues

    Yes If you're trying to have more accurate tap tempo, take any hold functions off that switch. If you have a hold function, the tap tempo reads the tap on the "up" of the switch rather than the "down" (when there's no hold function) Edit: this is not accurate. Read post #14
  9. RoshRoslin

    Running FRFR direct to FOH and 4cm to guitar amp on stage is it possible?

    In a word, yes. 4CM using input Gtr -> Input 1 -> Pre effects (drives etc) -> Out 3-> Amp input -> Amp FX Send -> input 3 -> Time based Effects -> Split here -> Output 4 would go to amp FX Return for cabinet on stage Out 1 would have a split in the shunt and a cabinet block at the end before...
  10. RoshRoslin

    Help Needed - Major issues during live gigs

    Hey LPF, (I'm currently in London, if you happen to be passing through here). I would first make sure you use https://www.midimonitor.com/ and keep that open as it's running patch changes via ableton. I have seen rigs that have other midi being sent from a laptop to the AxeFX. Just double...
  11. RoshRoslin

    Getting a drummer to play in time

    I posted about this awhile back. Most guitar players don't have as metronomic time as they think they do. This is coming from both sides of the the kit, as a guitarist -and- a drummer. The big lesson is that it has to be communicated to the drummer where you want things, or having enough trust...
  12. RoshRoslin

    FM3 gigbag or case?

    Mono M80 Small case fits the fm3, cables, expression pedals and has a pocket for extra things like an iPad etc.
  13. RoshRoslin

    Struggling user - I can't get anywhere close to my prophecy's gain and sustain, please help.

    I'm going to do a checklist of the obvious. I have seen some arena level bands' rigs "not work" because of something silly or overlooked like a faulty cable or plugging into bad power. And we're talking about a bands that are household names. Things do happen :) If a --factory reset-- doesn't...
  14. RoshRoslin

    Struggling user - I can't get anywhere close to my prophecy's gain and sustain, please help.

    I'm basing it off the tone of the youtube clip he posted. Unless I know what his prophecy sounds like through his 4x12 in the room, it would be a shot in the dark There's plenty of gain in the fractal. You'll get way more sustain at higher volumes as well as the size of the room if playing...
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