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Recent content by Harm

  1. H

    Wish Quick build option

    Sounds like they just want what you mentioned in your remaining wish list:the ability to copy or move multiple blocks at once.
  2. H

    FRFR recommendation for Axe-FX III (not the Atomic CLR)

    I have the matrix active speakers. Advantage of active speakers is less rack space needed. Disadvantage is the heavier speaker and the power cord. I am very happy with the Matrix speakers. Better than the DB I had and better than my headrush 212 though it is a close call. The difference...
  3. H

    Wish My remaining usability wishes for the III

    Found it, tx! Saved me a lot of work.
  4. H

    Talk me out of getting a 5153 lol

    I have the axe 3 and sold every amp and pedal I had after a year of having the axe. That said: they really are different products. A modeler like the axe fx will really take some getting used to. If you are used to a normal amp that is. And that is just soundwise. Also: buying the axe will mean...
  5. H

    Wish My remaining usability wishes for the III

    + 1 on nr 6 for me. Iy also seems like such an easy fix, but that is speaking without knowledge. +1 also on Dave Merril’s request to be anle to see which cabs are in use. Now I try to have the discipline to give a color to every IR I use. No telling later in which preset or presets I use the...
  6. H

    Cloning the Eventide H9 and beyond. Chapter 1: Crystals Algorithm

    Thank you very much! It is really hard to make a really good effect setting. I am grateful that pol who know “how to”. Share this awesomeness.
  7. H

    Factory presets

    Hmm. Tx. I’ll check.
  8. H

    Assist with Fx for "A Country Boy Can Survive" Tone

    If I recall correctly Simeon made a sitar patch. Knowing him it must be good or he wouldn’t post it. Do a search in the forum and you’ll find it.
  9. H

    Factory presets

    This just popped in my mind: the axe is loaded with quite a lot of factory presets. These were all made based on the first software version. Now we are at 15.1. All the vendors bring out updated versions of their presets when it makes a difference. As I understand version 15.0 made a lot of...
  10. H

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Today is a Friday. Just sayin’ in case somebody forgets. 😂
  11. H

    Gary Moore pre set request!

    Leon Todd has a video up where he builds an slo 100 preset it really is awesome and if I recall correctly that's what Gary uses live too. I use the preset a lot. Just EQ to match your guitar to Gary's sound and add delay. (Steal from another preset haha) Good luck, Harm
  12. H

    NGD - well, sort of

    ah tx!
  13. H

    If you had a choice what would it be

    A new guitar for a 13 year old? Nope. If you want the prs, get a paper round and let it be the next one you buy. I am assuming you did not buy the JP by accident. Probably the result of a lot of thinking and comparing. Why swap it now then? Harm
  14. H

    NGD - well, sort of

    Looks awesome man! Stupid question maybe, but I saw NGD a few times now and have no idea what that stands for. Could you tell me? (Googling didn’t help) Harm
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