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Recent content by Harm

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    AX8 - how to check if previous owner have purchased and installed any packs (AMP-CAB)?

    Go to Fremen’s site. He has awesome packs. Google fremen presets and you’ll be good.
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    AFIII Presets New Boutique+Blues pack

    Love the Fas amp.
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    Wish cut /paste a chain of blocks

    This is a must have.
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    Got some guitar hanging rails for the office....

    Ha, when I was looking I also came across them. Awesome product. Downside was that shipping to holland was even more expensive than the product itself. I ended up making it myself. Looks awesome what you have there Joe!
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    User Comments, Recommendations, Pros and Cons

    What would help you tremendously is a wish that has been expressed on this forum many times: being able to copy/paste multiple blocks at once. Either across presets or simply move them on the grid. It would be a tremendous timesaver. Not to mention that it is time saved on an annoying and...
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    Backup gear for rehearsal and gig

    Thanks guys, I spent an evening on programming my ax8 Since I have the axe fx 3 I have progressed in my ability to build a preset apparently. I used the ax8 at my latest rehearsal and it sounded awesome. I also avoided the crappy monitor that is there and used the power section of a solid...
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    Joe Satriani preset

    " my name is mud" has a great satch preset that he sells
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    If slots for IRs are going te be reduced, optional or not, it would be nice to have 2 things: 1) being able to see which irs are in use in a preset. And preferably in which one(s) 2) be able to move irs while they stay connected to the preset(s).
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    AFIII Presets New Boutique+Blues pack

    Bought this the moment it came online. Awesome stuff as usual. Took me dats to go through the presets because I just kept playing with every preset. Love it Fremen. Thank you for making it.
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    Expression Pedal Ideas

    I always use 3 pedals. One wah, one volume and one is mostly reverb/delay but sometimes drive. I mention it in the scene name if I change it. For example: CC3 drv
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    Backup gear for rehearsal and gig

    Are you happy with the sound quality?
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    FRFR recommendation for Axe-Fx III (not the Atomic CLR)

    I have the active matrix speakers. Awesome stuff.
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    Backup gear for rehearsal and gig

    Lol no, we have one slot and the rest of the week other bands go in and out. @iaresee: no fm3 for me. Fm9 it will be.
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    Backup gear for rehearsal and gig

    Lol. I have 2 matrix monitors. The one at rehearsals is not mine but from the guy we rent the place from. I just want to travel light and not carry my monitor(s). So basicly I’m looking for a lazy man’s solution but still want great sound..
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    Backup gear for rehearsal and gig

    Sounds like crap through the monitor there. (Its the monitor not the ax8. Plus Id like to sell it now that it has more value to get funds for the fm9. Hoping to buy back something cheap. Problem is that my ears are so spoiled by the axe.
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