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Recent content by gatgod77

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    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Does the US/Canada wait list have to be completed before other territories receive invites? I'm Asking specifically regarding Australia, Thanks
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    FM3 dimensions question...

    Good idea,turns out the FC6 is 283mm x 233mm x 88mm , so the rails stick up from the units face 15mm, thanks mate
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    FM3 dimensions question...

    281mm x 236mm x 103mm The 103mm measurement,Is that from the bottom of the unit to the top of the rails? or the bottom of the unit to the highest face of the unit,with the rails as an addition on top of that, hope I made sense lol cheers
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    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Leon,Ragdoll and his FM3 rig tonight in Melbourne,Australia,sounded awesome \m/
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    [Chart] FM3 Block CPU Usage Estimates

    Glad FM3 doesn't run on Windows
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    [Chart] FM3 Block CPU Usage Estimates

    The base cpu @11 % Is this used at all times as default by the System? So we lose 11% straight off the Bat?
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    What is the cpu usage for each effect/action?

    That would be amazing! I'm sure alot of people will be looking forward to seeing it,cheers
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    What is the cpu usage for each effect/action?

    As the title says I'd like to know,if possible,what cpu each block or action uses, I'm curious to write out some "Virtual" presets to see if they would possibly work, cheers
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    FC 6/12 Alternatives for your FM3

    I'll probably rough it with a 2 button external switch and a expression pedal front of stage,while keeping the FM3 behind me on my amp, then maybe get a Morningstar mc6 down the line
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    Global out 1 eq, but no out 2 eq?

    Eq on output 2 and Global blocks please
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    Only Use 1 Amp Block At A Time?

    Does this mean you can have 4 different amps? 1 per channel? So mesa channel 1 5150 channel 2 Marshall channel 3 Soldano channel 4? Or Is it the same one amp with different settings on each of the 4 channels if you wanted? Or something different again lol Also Is there a difference in speed...
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    How will you use the FM3? Share your upcoming rig ideas!

    I'd have 2 set ups,where there is no danger of Beer spillage I'd go Sennheiser wireless xsw/FM3/2 external switch/expression pedal/matrix Gt1000/Mesa 4 x 12 cab \ Cab sim to FOH or for risky gigs...
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    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Is it stated any where why there is no HP jack on the early units? Just curious cheers
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    Neural Quad Cortex, four amps?

    Compared to the FM3 I like the Quads dimensions,the extra switches and the weight especially, FM3's 5kg vs QC 1.6kg, Im still getting an FM3 regardless,but interested to see how the QC goes
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    Anyone tried a MIDI expression pedal foot controller?

    Hi,I'm currently running a RJM Mastermind,it has a Midi in and out so I assume that means I can run another midi device through it? I've never really gone in depth with midi so I'm still very new. I'm just keen to if possible get a wah going I can switch on and off with a toe switch
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