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Recent content by gatgod77

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    Switches capability question....

    I've been using my FM3 with a Morningstar Mc6,I'm about to use the FM3's switches for the first time, On the MC6 I can Hold a button down to say activate a Harmony on scene2,that scene will stay active until I release the switch,then it will return to, as I've programmed it, scene 1. Can I...
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    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    FM3 noob here,Is there an issue where output 2 isn't loud enough or is it just a matter of cranking everything up? I'm close to clipping already,I noticed out 2 has its own graphic eq,do I just raise the gain there?
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    Pantera - Vulgar Display of Tone Match!

    Im loving the tone 🤘 By any chance,have you purchased an Axe fx3 or Fm3 and done an updated Dime tone? I play in a Pantera tribute Band and am currently trying to get a Pantera tone happening for my band, Any tips would be appreciated too, Cheers
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    How Will Cygnus Affect Existing Presets?

    So this update only changes the amp block? Overdrive,distortion pedals stay the same?
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    FM3 Scene Switching Lag

    What percentage of CPU are your patches using? I've only had that when using more than 80%
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    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Where did you get the colored Nuts from? Do you remember the size etc,thanks
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    Auto-engage wah to auto off faster?

    My auto engage wah works great but I find the auto off for my wah is quite slow, Can you set it to auto off faster? I remember my Axe fx2 was noticeably faster to deactivate,and I think it had separate settings for on and off
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    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Nux bumble bee board owners,has anyone tried to fit a Matrix 1000 1unit in the bag? Im wondering if there's room for the matrix with the nux board on top
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    Mission Engineering Hex key size?

    as the title says,my Mission engineering ep1 has gone very loose but I dont have and know the size of the hex key I need to tighten it, I've googled and havn't found anything, does anyone know?
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    Adding a toe switch to an EV-2?

    I'm curious to add a toe switch too, theres another thread here where a guy added a Toe switch to a EV1,hopefully the EV2 can work as well
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    Modding the EV-1 with a foot switch!

    Does this work with the smaller ev2???
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    MC6 question about hold function

    Another option that works for me,cheers dude
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    MC6 question about hold function

    That did it,thanks man \m/
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    MC6 question about hold function

    Thanks I'll give that a try when I get home,cheers
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    MC6 question about hold function

    I'd like to Hold a Mc6 switch down to activate some delay, and then release the switch to deactivate said delay,this would be an easy answer for my current set up, is this possible?
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