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  • Hoi dutch

    Zag op het forum dat je de Mysterious ways patch bezit. Zou je mij deze patch kunnen sturen?
    Ik krijg hem op de een of andere manier niet via het forum.

    Email : pjwentink@hotmail.com

    Alvast bedankt !

    Hi Dutch, just sold my last Midi-Strat , now on Tele's at mo. Going for the GR-55 as soon as it is out.
    Try mailing - chrisdher@yahoo.com , he builds p/ups to any spec you want and they are amazing and
    cheap, hand scat-wound . lovely guy and very helpfull.

    Never really cared much for the cybertwin. But at the time I had a Vetta and considered it a rip-off. :)
    Glad you like the Mustang.

    Are you still building strats?
    I built a mighty mite strat a year ago but it's sounding kinda thin. It has gfs boston blue hot single coils. It also has an ebony fingerboard.

    Oh well.
    Good luck!
    Haha. t Mag in het Nederlands hoor. Zo'n forum is al een sociaal verhaal op zich ;). Hoe is het in keistad? Greets, John
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