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Recent content by CrunchyBob

  1. CrunchyBob

    A 120,000W amplifier for $2,200,000

    Paging Manowar.... "Death to false metal"
  2. CrunchyBob

    Suggestions for instrumental classic rock?

    Check out The Meters.... a proto-funk quartet from New Orleans. 'Cissy Strut' may be their best known. A lot of room for stretching out, especially if people are dancing.
  3. CrunchyBob


    PSA - This is currently available on Hulu, to my surprise. :D
  4. CrunchyBob

    Julia or Terdragon curve?

    Looks like a Julia to me.... then again its been at least 25 years since I took acid and watched fractal videos. :cool: The FAS logo I recognized as a Julia variant right off the bat.... very interesting mathematics in this realm.
  5. CrunchyBob

    Using a NAS system for multitrack recording

    Keep working files local.... look at an utility called ROBOCOPY for uploading to a backup medium, if on Windows. There's a command line switch to mirror (/MIR) your working directories to the NAS.
  6. CrunchyBob

    School me on Strats

    Late to the thread, but the best thing I ever did to my Strat (Late 70's, 3 screw bolt-on, pencil thin neck, tiny frets, nice low end though) was do the Blender Mod - Volume, Tone and Blend pots.
  7. CrunchyBob

    Where can I get these Floyd Rose "speedy loaders"?

    Exactly... I used to have a pretty heavy right hand and 9/10 times the break was right at the bridge. Plus, I have always blocked my Floyd for down-only action and never went out of tune when the string broke.
  8. CrunchyBob

    Where can I get these Floyd Rose "speedy loaders"?

    +1 - I've been doing that w/ my Floyd since the 80's.... Gawd, I'm old.
  9. CrunchyBob

    Powering MFC-101 into Axe II

    Plain old RJ-45 Ethernet cable.... keeps it simple. Just make sure you don't accidentally plug a USB cable into the RJ-45 port on the back of the Axe2
  10. CrunchyBob

    What is your favorite beer?

    SE Pennsylvania here.... Yuengling is OK when family/friends are over. Actually gives me an upset stomach after 4-5 bottles (don't know why). Keeps me from buying Bud/Coors/Miller. Not bad for an adjunct brewer though. Victory Golden Monkey is my usual and is cheaper than actual Belgian Tripel...
  11. CrunchyBob

    Guitar Fall - Emotional?

    I have a PRS Custom 24 10 Top that was in near mint shape (2000-ish). A buddy came over to record and after he checked out my new axe, took it off and banged the tip of the headstock on the ceiling of my basement, taking a chunk of paint off the tip. Ugghh! Anyhow, its got several nicks and...
  12. CrunchyBob

    Linseed Oil

    I've been using this for 30+ years. I figured that if it was good enough for my wooden clarinet from Junior High, it's OK for my rosewood fretboards.
  13. CrunchyBob

    Great Music Movies To Stream?

    Amazon Prime: Hired Hands, and the Zappa live @ the Roxy show is amazing (just to watch Ruth Underwood's mastery of mallet percussion if nothing else). Hulu: Jaco, The Wrecking Crew
  14. CrunchyBob

    Rotovibe/ Univibe sounds

    For more 'Throb', try setting Bulb Bias to something like 2.50. YMMV
  15. CrunchyBob

    NGD: PRS Paul's "Dirty" top Artist in Jade.

    Beautiful... How are those (I guess) Narrowfield pickups? P90-ish without the hum? I'd be all over that. Once again, gorgeous.
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