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Recent content by Alex EShadow

  1. Alex EShadow

    Fryette Power Station tube power amp

    I've been using the Power Station as my power amp, and own a Matrix GT1000FX 1U. The Power Station just sounds better to my ears. I love having direct access to the presence and depth controls as knobs, and for low volume playing the switches on the front come handy to compensate for the...
  2. Alex EShadow

    Deciding to Stick With Axe or Go Back to Tubes?

    I've been a bit on that journey myself. I found myself to be fully satisfied by having the AxeFx going into a low wattage, transparent tube power amp (Fryette Power Station) into a 4x12 cab. Now I have that amp feel when playing in the room, AND in my opinion better tone from my cab + SM57 than...
  3. Alex EShadow

    Has the Axe-FX II Achieved 99% amp modeling accuracy?

    I feel amp models are really really close to being spot on. If only the interaction between the transformers and a real cab you're using could be modeled somehow, we'd be at the 99%. IRs though are a weak link in the chain. I've been recording for the past 3 months using a Mesa 4x12 Traditional...
  4. Alex EShadow

    Using Axe Fx as interface - quick question

    I've been using the Axe-Fx exclusively as my audio interface for the past 2-3 years, so I can speak from experience. I usually adjust the volume using the volume slider in iTunes or Logic, but on occasion I simply run Soundflower and use that and the system volume setting to pipe through and...
  5. Alex EShadow

    Axe-Fx Sighting: Kiko Loureiro (Angra/Megadeth) joins the family

    kikoloureiro Megadeth Guitar IT Office#ibanez#Megadeth#dystopiaworldtour
  6. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    Yeah totally. I'm not really a big fan of their effects heavy tone on Seventh Son though, so I figured I'd stick to the classic stuff. Will give it a shot next time though, who knows :)
  7. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    Backing track already had drums + bass + vocals, couldn't really do much about the dry vocals, although since the guy sings so good I thought it didn't really matter that it was so much "in your face" though. Thanks for the compliments on tone and playing ;)
  8. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    Man I so wish it was lol. The vocals were in the backing track I got just, don't really know who the vocalist was. I've been working on my singing but nowhere as good as this guy.
  9. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    Thanks! Your solo sounds pretty much right on tone wise! Congrats
  10. Alex EShadow

    Melodic Death Metal

    I'd classify this more as Djent than Melodeath, but maybe I'm just getting old and have listened to too much Arch Enemy and In Flames. The tones sounded great if a bit phasey, nice composition overall though. Mixing could use some work, there's something that feels off, I think it's just how...
  11. Alex EShadow

    Recording tone help! Tone tests inside

    Whoa the high end on the first sample almost ripped my ears out. I'd suggest you use a High Pass at 12kHz in the cab module to help tame a bit of that down. You could also make good use of the preamp tab there and add a bit of Vintage (Neve-ish), Transformer (API-ish) or Tape 50u mic preamp...
  12. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    The new JMP-1 lends itself perfectly to Maiden renditions, so here's my version of The Evil That Men Do. I didn't save any patches unfortunatelly, but here's the technical details: Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Studio (right channel), Sterling JP-100D (leads and left channel) Amp: Axe-FX 2 Mark...
  13. Alex EShadow

    What's your opinion for paying me a little bit for a patch you love to have it !

    I was referring to this post for instance: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-user-cabs-irs/16708-impulse-response-collection.html . I love knee jerk reactions in this forum :)
  14. Alex EShadow

    What's your opinion for paying me a little bit for a patch you love to have it !

    I'm curious as to why we seem to deem Impulse Responses as legitimate sellable products, but not presets. Cabs were also free once, Cliff shared them liberally as he found them and there were (are) tons of free ones around. Sure, putting a mic in front of a cab and running a test tone is work...
  15. Alex EShadow


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