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  • I am in southern Indiana near Louisville.
    I don't get to spend as much time with my FC 12 s as I would like too.
    anyway .Good to meet you ..another brother ,take care
    Hey Donnie! It's nice to virtually meet you! I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and yea, I've been playing at church for 7 or 8 years now- it's always good to meet other believers here! The AF3 is really ideal for this kind of playing- I've been really happy with it.
    Greetings Adman: I don't think we`ve officially met ,My name is Donnie .I always like to see other Fractal-ites that are Playing music for the Kingdom.
    I was able to see you are on a P & W team.
    I am not yet playing on the platform at church .
    anyway ,I like what you are doing with your FC6 n FC 12.
    I am not very tecky at al.
    Check out FREMAN'S V13 downloads! You will find a lot of U2 Patches (I THINK AROUND 12 of them) I tweek around with them and find some good sounds for our P & W team! It is a free download although donations are accepted. I believe you will find a lot of good material!
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