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  1. Adman103

    Two FC-6 incoming ... using one expanding to two, is that going to work?

    You have 8 FC layouts, so the best way to handle it would probably be to have a couple of layouts that take care of what you need when you're only using one FC, and then the other layouts programmed for when you're rocking both FCs together. For example, set up Layout 1 through 3 for use with...
  2. Adman103

    Rear View Mirror (York Audio ORNG Cab Pack)

    Really cool tune- loved it! Great tones too.
  3. Adman103

    Hmmmm, bias point...

    Yea, no kidding. I got zapped by a Traynor YGL-3 a couple of decades ago, and that is an experience you don’t forget. I was damn lucky. It’s amazing to be able to get a great time without having to bother with 50 year old wiring, tubes, etc.
  4. Adman103

    Question Regarding Cable Length & Buffers

    You can also play around with the Input Impedance parameter in the Input 1 block. Apparently there are some cool frequency response things that it does with fuzz pedals. Good choice with the Sunface.
  5. Adman103

    Question Regarding Cable Length & Buffers

    You'll be running a little under 40' of cable, which may have some treble loss, and a buffer might help with the 21-23' feet of cable post buffer, so if you really absolutely have to have your current settings as preserved as possible, a buffer would help a little to preserve the signal. But...
  6. Adman103

    Transformer Match vs. Speaker Impedance

    I really enjoyed reading all this! Thank you for such a detailed explanation. One of my favorite sounds back in the old real amp days was my old 6G6B Bassman with a 4 Ohm output into an 8 Ohm WGS Reaper.
  7. Adman103

    Using two FC's question

    I currently run my board exactly that way. An FC-6 controls presets, and the FC-12 has scenes and effects. Select a preset on the 6, and the 12 changes accordingly. It works great, and is easy to setup, so yea, that’s absolutely possible.
  8. Adman103

    Crunch Tones

    +1 more the the AC20. Excellent crunch tones. I've always liked to hit the Dr. Z Rt. 66 with a treble booster too- really cool crunchiness there. Thick with clarity.
  9. Adman103

    FM3 Update. September 12 2019

    Sorry. I like great tone, and drywall. What can I say? Yea, the form factor is a big deal for me with the FM3. I have a floor unit made for my rig that's working well with the AxeIII and a dual FC setup, but I love the idea of being able to just grab a tiny FM3 and run off to rehearsal, no...
  10. Adman103

    FM3 Update. September 12 2019

    Exactly. The gypsum crystal lattice in the drywall preserves the fragile harmonics transferred through the hook. I prefer cryo treated hooks and wall coverings manufactured from Oklahoma gypsum, before the chrysotile asbestos mining stopped in 1983.
  11. Adman103

    A little advice/help for connecting/using TC Electronics Mimiq

    @Pauly Stark - I'm glad it's working for you! I've been messing with this a little more, and I think I need to change my advice posted above a little- I think running the Mimiq in a parallel loop isn't the best way to do it. I think there's a little comb filtering going on that way because of...
  12. Adman103

    FM3 Update. September 12 2019

    You have to use the right IR. Maybe we could get York Audio to record some legit hook IRs? One mounted on hollow drywall, one screwed to a stud with drywall in between, one on an old plaster wall for a more vintage tone?
  13. Adman103

    Expression pedal to control gain?

    I used to do that with my old Axe II, and for me, it seemed to work fine, although my presets at that point weren't very CPU intensive. I never noticed any problems with it, but I don't have golden ears. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Adman103

    Which hardware pedal did you keep since getting your Axe-Fx III and why?

    I have a few that I use along with my AF3, although it's really just kind of a preference and luxury thing- I could get by without them just fine, but I have the room on the board, and they're nice to have, so why not? I have a Blackstone overdrive, which I adore and there isn't really anything...
  15. Adman103

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Looks good. That board would be about the right size for a really slick FM-3 and FC-6 setup, with a few choice pedals and an expression pedal thrown in for good measure. Whole rig on one simple board, no rack.
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