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Wish Wish List: New Amps


Randall RG100
Randall Century
Randall Satan
Randall Ultimate Nullifier
Randall KH103
Fortin Meshuggah
Revv Generator 120
Mesa/Boogie JP-2C
Tone King Sky King
Tone King Imperial
Friedman Buxom Betty
Marshall Major
Marshall Super Bass
Sunn Model T
Sunn Beta Lead
Diezel Hagen
Dumble Steel String Singer

Not to mention other channels from amps that are already modeled (the clean channels of the Friedmans and Diezels for instance) and more bass amps.

Or, as @chris once cheekily said: "I want every amp made ever." :D


Fractal Fanatic
Now if he had a line on an Archon
Would be the best day ever

Well that an an Axe edit 3 Beta announcement

*** one down and Axe edit is great
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Fractal Fanatic
Ditto on the Sunns above. An Orange OR or TH along the same vein. Generally, the Axe is anemic in the Doom amp department. You can use the old Marshalls for it but it is missing the real staples like the Sunn.

Archon and VHT are good asks. Would love something like a Rivera, too.

And this must be on the first page: ADA MP-1.
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