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Wish: allow Control Switch as modifier source for Channel Select


I would really love it if there was a way to use a Control Switch as a modifier or "trigger" for block channel Select.

I'm not exactly how it would work, but even if it were limited to a "toggle" type of behavior where it could be used to change between 2 channels it would be really useful.

There have been other requests to allow multiple blocks to be "channel synced", and this could be a way to do that.

Otherwise, maybe a new type of switch could be created to allow being a Channel Select modifier source, which could be assigned to multiple blocks.

I know this could be done with Scenes, but my kitchen sink presets are all full with 8 scenes already used. In many cases, simply changing channel on several blocks would replace a scene.


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I requested this feature a while back, to have a modifier attach to channel select. Along with a hold function to show all 4 channels allowing access to all 4 channels (the way the RJM works). If I recall Matt said it's been noted. Hopefully it's coming... soon... ;-)
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Definitely wish something like this existed. With all the power of the III, I'm finding that I'm often hitting limitations with how to harness all the power of a preset with scenes and control switches. I mainly use kitchen-sink style presets with 5 Control Switches to keep certain items persistent across scene changes. This feature would at-least allow us to change block channels and hopefully have those stick across scene changes.

No idea how much work is involved here, but sure hope this gets some needed attention.

Joe Bfstplk

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+1 - the ability to tell any block to listen to the scene's channel setting or to any particular block's channel setting in the preset would really open up a lot of possibilities.
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