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Where to download MFC-Edit


** This is a repost:
Thanks everyone for passing along the information. I'm going to try an experiment for a few days and see how it goes. I'm going to post a link to download the three versions of MFC-Edit, for Linux, Mac and Windows, at the end of this message. My hope is that people who really need it will download it and be able to install it themselves. For a variety of reasons I have not made it freely available before - yes, I have legitimate reasons. I was able to provide excellent support for MFC-Edit while it was being sold and at all cost avoided tarnishing the reputation of Fractal Audio Systems or my own reputation. As I release this without fee or support of any kind my hope would be that people self-support and that neither Fractal nor I get trolled, bad-mouthed or criticized if the user runs into difficulty with the editor. The moment either Fractal or I receive any negative feedback the free download will disappear forever. So, if you have difficulty, please try to figure it out yourself or request assistance from the community but in any case, please be considerate and not rant at either Fractal or myself (the author).

  • If you are using the Mac version on Catalina and MFC-Edit doesn't launch from the Applications folder but does from the command line, you can, after installing MFC-Edit, download the mfc-launch.tgz file from the link provided and install it by opening a Terminal window from Applications->Utilities->Terminal and paste the command: sudo tar -xPvf ~/Downloads/mfc-launch.tgz This will replace the launcher in the MFC-Edit application and that might help.
  • You will still be required to enter an activation key after 10 uses. Each activation key is tied to a specific customer under normal circumstances but if all goes well and this posting is well received, I will also publish, in the forum, a specially generated activation key which will work for anyone, but will also indicate that version running is an unsupported version.
April 22, 2020: MFC-Edit Unsupported Public Activation Key/Registration Code: KZ3S-4DE/-fXU=
you can enter this code from the Help menu -> "Registration Code" )

Click this link to download MFC-Edit for Mac - click this link to download mfc-launch.tgz (MAC ONLY)
Click this link to download MFC-Edit for Windows
Click this link to download MFC-Edit for LINUX

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the development and maintenance of MFC-Edit with their purchases over the past four or five years and I hope that you won't be too disappointed that I am now making it available for free download, even though it is unsupported and not being advanced.

Thank you, and happy editing.

P.S. MIDI transfer between your computer and the MFC-101 of your edits is always tricky. It's not MFC-Edit - you can try it with FractalBot too. I would recommend that you not use the Axe-Fx as a USB-MIDI interface unless you are a seasoned Axe-Fx user and tech-savvy, and that you instead purchase a Roland UM-ONE for connecting your computer to the MFC-101. You can use the Axe-Fx II for this purpose, but its a lot easier to get it up and running with the Roland interface cable.
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I am not up set that you are letting it be down loaded free now. I got my monies worth the first couple of times I used it for changing setlists five years or so ago. Thank you for all your past hard work and involvement in the edit( and help with users troubles).


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Thank you for providing these links bwanagary, you saved my investment in the MFC-101. I bought it brand new for 670 Euros, and always intended to use MFC Edit when I had the time to play with it. I was really concerned when I found that it wasn't available to buy any more.

I hope you can provide the activation key soon so we're not limited to 10 uses. Isolation during the Covid virus is the perfect time to get to know the software.

Many thanks.


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Oh my goodness, thank you SOOOOOO much!!!!!! I have been trying to find this forever. I had paid for it before, but somehow got lost in the move from private to fractal and all of that. Thank you, for making this available again!

And, I will add, that I got my money's worth as well, after just a few uses, and take no offense to the idea of it being freely available now.
I cancelled my order and instead got on the Axe Fx III waitlist.

That said, I cannot thank you enough for making this software available. It means a lot to me to see software developers give away their software for free when the time is right! Thank you.
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Jaime Garcia

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in my language... GRACIAS INFINITAS... i was thinking there it was impossible to have this software...thanks so much my friend.


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Using Windows 10 with MFC-101 3.09, followed instructions for Axe-Fx II as MIDI interface, and "Receive Dump from MFC-101" does not produce a file that I can open. Dumped with Fractal Bot instead 🤷‍♂️
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Using Windows 10 with MFC-101 3.09, followed instructions for Axe-Fx II as MIDI interface, and "Receive Dump from MFC-101" does not produce a file that I can open. Dumped with Fractal Bot instead 🤷‍♂️
You might want to download version 8.5 - you're using a version that is about 5 major versions behind the latest. See if that works. And specifically read the section in the MFC-Edit Owner's Manual entitled "Sending and Receiving SysEx Dumps". You can access the manual right off the Help menu.
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