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What is your favorite amp block for classic Marshall plexi?

Curious to know what you guys are using for that old school classic rock tone. I mostly use Friedman blocks but I'd like to get that old school Angus Young tone and so far having a hard time with the Marshall amps. I find most of the Marshalls either too high gain, or too muddy/dark. Yes, I still need to spend more time learning how to tweak the amps for my tastes but thought I'd just ask and see what people are loving. Cheers.


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Try the Plexi 50w Hi#1. Plexis are bottom heavy so cut the bass and up the treble a bit. Cab makes a huge difference. Try factory cab 34 (4 x 12 basketweave)

I uploaded a preset at the Exchange of a 50w Hi#1. You might try that.
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+1 on the plexi 50w hi #1. Also, Brit silver is one of my "go to's", as it falls between the plexi and the jcm. The jubilee has been my main amp throughout the 90's and loved it. It's one of those things I wish I hadn't sold, although the axe fx helped a bit!


For AC/DC, I think the classic tones were Angus with a Plexi and Malcolm with a JMP. So maybe the 1959 in conjunction with the 1987? The 50 watt Plexi is nice as others have said...

Or a fun two amp setup is a Friedman Smallbox with a Dirty Shirley (I call it the "Dirty Box"). Keep the gain low on both and try reducing the input trim -- especially if you have higher output pickups.

Another thing worth noting is that Angus rolls down the volume on his guitar for rhythms and then brings it back up for leads, so there's probably no need for a drive pedal. The Premier Guitar Rig Rundown might be worth watching for other tips.


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I have a 1959RI, so I go with the 100w (both inputs). Being used to the real thing, It sounds thin without both Input I and II (Vol. I and II).


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I have learned with the plexi's, turn up treble and middle, and turn down bass. Usually gets me where I want to go. Did a recording of hells bells because the tone I dialed in sounded so AC/DCish. Throw in some greenbacks, and a little room verb and bam!


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I like the various 50W ones over the 100's. But they're all Marshall's. You can get perfectly usable tones out of any of them hehe.


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I use that one with my Humbuckers and the 100w with my single coils. Generally. Factory cabs 57 and 60.
Funny you should mention that because previous to the 50W 6550 my plexi obsession was the 100W 1970, but I was playing my Tele more then. Lately it's been the SG through the 6550.

At any rate, throw the dual dynamic compressors "SoloDallas Schaffer" substitute settings in front and it's a recipe for riffing Back in Black at least once.
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