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Welcome: FC Controllers!

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
Hello all.

FC controllers begin shipping next month. I thought I'd start the conversation off with a link to the web page I just created for them, now with new product photos and additional details!


At the same time I wanted to mention that we thought we'd be shipping FCs this week, but a last-minute manufacturing delay pushed our date back by one month. We'll probably just miss the the previous target of "Fall 2018" (Fall ends Dec 22). Of course it will then be Christmas, which means a few days of holiday closings, so we'll ship a very limited number of units in December in the end. I do think however, that we will be able to service the entire waitlist (up to this point) during January.

Enjoy those photos meanwhile. We'll do some videos too so you can see these beautiful machines in action!
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Thanks M@! They look amazing, I can't wait to start programming, Congratulations!
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I'm on the waitlist, and this is very welcome news.

The photos probably answered my biggest remaining question. It appears that the scribble strips can display 10 characters max, correct?


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Sorry for all the manufacturing issues you have been having, but thanks for the update and I look forward to getting one soon.


Appreciate the update M@. Looking forward to the release, including that I really need a tuner on my foot pedal. Can't really see the FX III screen well enough when gigging, so while I know I will love all of the new features, sometimes it's the little things...




Are there links to any working video demos that anyone can share? It would be cool to see one in action.

Edit: I must have missed Admin M@ saying they'll do some videos. Doh!
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