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Welcome back old friend


Nice! I’ve got my Axe FX III across town and was just weighing driving to get it tomorrow vs getting my Ultra out of the garage for a recording session tomorrow.
Drive Leon Drive!

Your tired, and rightfully so, but for recording?

Take a ride with your beautiful wife and hefty cat.

Come back and nail those parts with stellar tones.


It was so great to finally get the tones and effects you always wanted in a 2 rack space unit. Nothing at the time came close, you had to spend a fortune in rack gear just to get a few usable sounds. The Ultra was a game changer when it came out, i still have mine as a backup. Thanks for the video Leon!!!


Everything sounds good under your fingers!

What I have planned to do myself with my Ultra and my II is to load similar presets (same IR, same amp model, maybe same drive model) and do a side by side comparison. It will sound quite different, for sure. But how close can one get the Ultra to its successors? How different is the feel?

And hey, there's this one advantage the Ultra has over both the II and III (besides amp models not available in the II and III): It has two loopers!!! I'd really love to have that sometimes in the II.


G'day fellow Aussie. May I ask; How do you config presets and upload cabs? Do you run an old Windows XP system for it?
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