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Was this some sort of phase cancellation issue?


My setup is Axe-FX -> Art SLA-1 -> VHT 2x12 cab. I have FXL blocks in all my gig presets with a cab afterwards so I can come out of Output 2 to feed the SLA-1 with no cab sims and also come out of Output 1 to go direct to the FOH with cab sims engaged. Although I have had it setup like this for a while, the sound guy for this gig has always wanted me miked. Lately due to being short handed, we have been doing our on setups by running the cable from the snake, miking, etc. So yesterday I decided to just go direct for the first time.

Since I had the cab blocks already in place, I figured I would give it a shot. I didn't tell the soundguy because historically, he is anti-direct and I knew he would say to put a mic on it. I just plugged it in, double checked to make sure all my routing was correct and started sound checking. He appeared to be completely happy with the signal he was getting from me in the FOH. I turned down my Output 2 and listened for a bit and sounded good to me as well. Afterwards I told him it was direct and he was surprised, he thought I was miked the whole time. He said he had a really good signal and thought it sounded good.

One thing though, I noticed that I felt like I needed to turn my stage rig up higher than normal to feel as if I could hear it. I asked others if they thought the same thing and they agreed I needed to be louder on stage. Afterwards I wondered if I might have had a phase cancellation issue or something. Is this possible, anyone experienced this?


There's a million reasons you would have needed to be louder, I would doubt phase issues was one of them, did you have two sound sources pointed at your ear?

My money is on an overexcited drummer.


While phase cancellation can cause volume issues, it probably would not happen to all band members equally.


I probably should have mentioned, this is a gig I've been doing in the same room for two years. Same drummer, same cab placement. Out of the 10 times I've used my Axe-FX there, I kept the Output 2 volume around 50% or less. But yesterday I was finding that I needed it up in the 75% range to be heard. The only difference I could see was that it was the first time I sent Output 1 to FOH while using it as a guitar rig.


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Maybe your power amp is pushing enough juice for you... The specs I found show:

100 watts rms/channel @ 8 ohms (130 watts rms/channel @ 4 ohms and 260 Watts/Bridged Mono @ 8 ohms)

I would try to bridge that sucker in mono and see if it makes a difference... I'm pushing 500 watts per channel into two stacked 4x12 cabs and I have my input set at around 1 to 2 o'clock, output set to around 3 o'clock and on my GX5 I'm at 12 o'clock on both channels and it's FUCKING LOUD!!!!!!! Sometimes I so loud all I hear is snare and cymbals!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


Your sound guy probably finally got a good signal to FOH for the first time and had you up in the mix like never before. If you were hotter in the FOH it can seem "indirect" on stage because you're hearing more of what's coming off the room from the main speakers. Given the old habits of your gig the sound guy probably left it where he always had it even though you gave him a better signal.
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