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Vibro-King | Zendrive | MJT Robben Ford '60 Tele replica (video and preset)


Whilst patiently waiting for the Axe FX III to hit these shores, I'm still loving the XL+...and will always love it!

Yesterday a cool little MJT Robben Ford '60 Tele replica landed on my doorstep (part of a trade), so I put together some sounds and recorded the following using an an old Guthrie Govan backing track. Turns out I should probably have listened to that track more than once before hitting record as it's pretty seat-of-the-pants stuff. Anyway, hopefully you'll get some use out the preset. Tweak it and make it yours.





A really good guitar- this Tele, very balanced, not to extremly twangy. Great played of course.....
What IR did you use with the Vibro King?


Phenomenal playing there - nice tone(s), and overall quite inspiring as well! Thanks for sharing ... I'm going to have to (at least try to ) cop some of those licks from the video. Nice choice of backing track by the way... I went on a youtube search and found it: Guthrie Govan " East City Central Lights" jamtrack central.com. - Cool site.l
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Really loe your playing and the sound of the Tele.
I don't know what you trade it for, but it is for sure a very good deal.
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