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seymour duncan

  1. Mark IV

    Matrix vs Seymour Duncan PowerStage (Volume Setting)

    I've read multiple times that Matrix power amps start using their full potential and sound best when you set them around 2 or 3 O'clock. Discussed in threads like this - https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/metallicas-latest-rig-rundown-has-an-interesting-nugget.130918/ Does the Seymour...
  2. Ravaya

    Rivergiant- Instrumetal track

    Heya all, this is Rivergiant from my latest e.p. "rifftard" All Axe II-xl Hope you guys enjoy Cheers Rav.
  3. orion32773

    Tune Tuesday with Elevated Jam Tracks

    Sit down, relax and have a cup of coffee or your preferred beverage. Decided to get lazy and buy some backing tracks to make things easy for me. Nothing fancy here...just me and my kid’s strat having a moment. Tune Tuesday - Elevated Jam Tracks
  4. Scias

    Ambient Cleans For Mark Holcomb's Darksun Riff

    The Amp here is the 6G12 Concert going through both Pre-Rola 55 and 75 cabs, then through an analogue delay block and deep space reverb block, along with some usual/subtle processes like compression and tape drive pre amp block and some subtle pitched reverbs in parallel
  5. Burgs

    Vibro-King | Zendrive | MJT Robben Ford '60 Tele replica (video and preset)

    Whilst patiently waiting for the Axe FX III to hit these shores, I'm still loving the XL+...and will always love it! Yesterday a cool little MJT Robben Ford '60 Tele replica landed on my doorstep (part of a trade), so I put together some sounds and recorded the following using an an old Guthrie...

    Guitar Pickups Don't Matter?

    Check this video! This topic gets mixed opinions but I felt like sharing my attempt of once again replacing stock pickups in one of my guitars. Granted most of my guitars are premium instruments so the stock pickups are usually good to begin with but I've had everything from Ibanez to Squier in...
  7. Andrea Maccianti


    Ecco il mio cerotto Un'altra al Frattale Axe -FX2 Marshall Plexi 100w Chitarra utilizzato: Fender Stratocaster Usa con pickupSeymour Duncan SSL-5, Fender Medio69 e Fender collo 50.
  8. benvigil

    Unchained the AX8 (the obligatory EVH)

    Finally decided to record/post the obligatory... Unchained (excerpt) I tried posting the full version but Sound Cloud content protection removed it. Here's an MP3 on DropBox, full song, remixed: Unchained (full song) Just a quick demo excerpt using the "Brit Brown" amp in the Fractal Audio...
  9. Jotun666

    Seymour Duncan Blackouts v Nazgul / Sentient video demo by Jotun Studio

    Hi, friends. I just tested a pair of Blackouts vs the Nazgul/Sentient combo (I wish I had them in the same guitar, but it´s the best I could do) I used a Mesa Boogie Mark IV sim for both guitars, Roland Jazz 120 for cleans and SVT for bass. I hope you like the results (I kept it simple, just...
  10. Jotun666

    Agile Septor Elite 727 & Seymour Duncan Blackouts demo

    Hi, mates! Here you have a demo I just made for an Agile Septor Elite 727, equipped with Seymour Duncan Blackouts. I played some different stuff with it, so I hope you like it. I used my Axe FX II with Quantum 3 and the Mesa Boogie Mark IV with a Clark Kent cab. For cleans I used the Roland...
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