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Using Axe FX II for vocal fx and compression


Has anybody around here ran a decent mic pre into the Axe FX II line in and give vocal processing a shot? The compressors and equalizers should pretty much work for any source. And delays, reverbs and modulations the same. The compressor can tame bass guitar signals very well so I'm thinking it should actually be good for vocals.


Fractal Audio Systems
When I was gigging we had one in the FOH rack. We used it for compression, delay and reverb. IIRC I had it configured as four ins and four outs and used it on submix inserts.

Ant Music

Fractal Fanatic
It is amazing. I run the Synth block into my talkbox and then through a mic pre into the Axe. I run it through the Multi Delay Plex delay and it sounds amazing!!! I did this track with this set up.


Also the axe is great because you can put Noise gates on the mic signal so that you can avoid feedback and noise into the mic. Also running reverse delay on your vocal (and talkbox!) sounds amazing! Also don't forget there is the Vocoder in there too. So many possibilities.

I have tried to mimic a megaphone type sound with out much luck but I will try again some time. There is definitely tonnes of room for experimentation. Go for it!
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Well, I'm looking at getting a Daking Mic Pre One to accompany my SM7b... Once that comes in I will give the effects in the Axe FX II a whirl on vocals.
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