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Wish Two customizable footswitch layouts per preset


I think it would be very cool, if you could have two customizable footswitch layouts per preset. I like to be able to select scenes along with presets without having to push any extra buttons, but I sometimes like to be able to add another effect, and sometimes I don't have enough buttons to include preset, scenes AND IA on the 8 customizable switches. A dedicated preset/scene (4 presets on the bottom and scenes 1 through 4 on the top) page would be great as well, as this would not require any additional information to be stored with a preset.


I would set one of the F-switches to toggle between the two pages. Yes, it requires an extra press of a switch, but for those moments I think it would work okay. Kind of like the "Reveal" button on the MFC-101. Maybe a switch that made the bottom half of the switches work as preset buttons would work as well.
What about this idea:
Footswitches 1-7 in Layout-window 1 are free configurable, and we add another "footswitch-field" called window or somerhing liek that.
This switches (or toggles) between two free accessable windows and opens another 1-7 switches.
(E.g. Switch 1-7: comp drive chorus flange delay reverb mtd and switch 8 is the window change switch.
When you switch number 8 it opens window 2 with switch 1-7: scene 1 - scene 7. switch 8 is as i told the toggle switch.)
Our business-telephones work like this


On other other controllers this feature is called 'pages'. Certainly a very useful feature.


Fractal Fanatic
IF modifiers could be controlled with the 8 footswitches, then I would most certainly welcome a "page" ability to access more IAs per preset.


It's great to see some support and further thought on this idea guys! Thank you!

And yes, IA is an often used abbreviation for Instant Acces.
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