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Tone Matched my Taylor 914ce

'erm....a bit of a newbie question here, but do you have to do anything with the blocks or just load the two presets.

Many thanks in advance for replies :)
Looks like the original sound clip is no longer available...??? Anybody have a sound clip using this with their acoustic?
Tried the "Studio & Naschville" preset with the cab blocks that were provided for AX8 with my Takamine "workhorse" (NS10 I believe) and - similar to others here - I'm amazed by the sound I'm getting out of this -thank you so much!! I have already used it for a recording and can't wait to use it live.... 😎

Taylor 914ce Acoustic Guitar. I put up two variations on the AxeChange using the following Microphones : DPA 4011 (Left & Right), DPA 4006 (Center) Preamps : MP1 & MP2

Taylor 914ce Nashville
Taylor 914ce Studio

Tone Match Blocks attached

Any chance you could also export them as IR's to save me the trouble of finding my Axe II and hooking it up (on FM3 now, and it lacks a TM Block)?

Whoops, already done, thanks!

Also, really interested in an IR for a Dobro, and curious as to what electronic reproduction system you have in yours (contact mic, piezo, mic etc) as Dobros can be finicky to amplify live sans a mic or Jerry's setup?

Thx, and again, nice work @vkcarrillo!
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