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The Axe-Fx has made me a better person


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Hi there,

I have been using fractal audio products since 2009, It has been a real ride. Before the axe-fx I was allways seaching for the next pedal and amps. The axe-fx is a bargain! if you have the money to get the best amps please do. But... The Axe-fx has been one of those perfect things you encounter in life... It is a real joy ride... It has been one of the best things in my life... It is like a pause button. If I have the time to have fun... there is nothing better than turning my axe-fx on and play. I had to work hours to be able to afford it but it was well worth it. Now I can focus on playing!

Great admiration for Cliff... it is allways a joy to read your posts, I don't understand most of them... but they sound like truth.
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