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Thank you Cliff and FAS Team!


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I want to thank Cliff and FAS Team for making the Axe-Fx II such a great product!

I bought my Axe-Fx II Mark I in March 2012 with Firmware 5 and it has evolved into my dream rig. I really noticed how much it's progressed after playing a show recently with one of my old bands that I hadn't played with in over a year and a half. I used to think the other guitarists tube amp sounded amazing but the Axe-Fx II has surpassed it in both sound and feel.

My original rig was a Mesa Boogie TriAxis Preamp & Stereo Simul-Class 2:Ninety (290) poweramp, BOSS GT-PRO Preamp & FX & BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal, ART PROGATE 8 Channel Noise Gate, Furman PL-PLUS Series II Power Conditioner, SKB 1SKB19-6U ATA 6 Space Rack, Roland FC-300 MIDI Foot Controller and a Marshall 1960AV 4x12 Stereo Speaker Cab.

My current rig weighs less than half the weight of my original rig and sounds exponentially better! It consists of an Axe-Fx II Mark I Firmware 17.04, Furman PL-PLUS Series II Power Conditioner, Anvil Forge II 4 Space Rack, 2x Yamaha DXR12 FRFR Powered Speakers in Stereo and FAMC LF+ PRO+ MIDI Foot Controller.

Once I switched to FRFR speakers and used IR's it doubled the potential of the Axe-Fx II and gave me ridiculous amounts of tonal possibilities. I only use the built in IR's with my presets and have loaded in a few external IR's but have been 100% satisfied with the built in ones.

I don't have any shows scheduled for a bit, so I'm going to upgrade from Firmware 17.04 to 19 this weekend.

Thanks again Cliff and FAS Team!
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