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Sounds of the FM3 | Synthpads & drones

The record level was much better for this one

I also released other demos, I think they're a great display of what the FM3 is capable of. I don't get the "CPU limitation" criticism, there is plenty of power here :)

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Here's a recording made with firmware 1.06 beta. My apologies for the digital clipping at the beginning, the recording level for the screen capture app was too hot and I didn't notice :( these are a few presets from my "Synthpads & drones" pack, more to come !

Nice tones, nice playing, and emotive - right up my alley! Just got my FM3, barely plugged in and turned on. Moving from IIXL...
Amazing sounds. Great Gilmour-esque tones and playing, you have a nice touch for that. Your presets are further evidence that the FM3 has plenty of CPU!
Thank you very much ! I'm getting older and my fingers are not as fluid as they were decades ago, so I try to compensate by playing with a little more maturity ;) And yes, the FM3 have plenty of power !
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