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small number of original FX8s for $1099


There is ALWAYS risk involved when you want to be the 1st kid on your block with the shiny new toy. I knew the risks going in. I rarely ever buy anything "new" - but there were reasons for me to make an exception this time. Even though I've had to learn this lesson before. More than once now.

Early buyers of the FX8 (such as myself) had no way of knowing what Fractal's plans were. The reasons companies keep these kinds of things hush hush rarely has anything to do with the benefit of the buyer, aka customer. If I'd had the benefit of knowing the AX8 was coming, or the FX8 mkII was coming, I'm certain I and many of the early buyers of the original FX8 would have waited, and Fractal wouldn't have sold near as many FX8s as they did. Of course, early FX8 buyers didn't have the benefit of such knowledge - and therein lies the burn of it all if you happened to be an early buyer.

For those eager to lecture as to why early buyers of the FX8 shouldn't hold Fractal to account for at least some of their dilemma, you clearly don't care. It seems more like twisting the dagger is your thing. It shouldn't come as a surprise that some might feel put off by what has transpired in the FX8/AX8/FX8 mk II release timeline. A situation which in no small part was of Fractal's making. It would be different if a competitor's product had rivaled the FX8, but as has already been noted, in this case it was Fractal who released the similar/competing product(s). I think they knew exactly what they were doing. This is how things roll sometimes.

The upside for me is, my FX8 has already paid for itself at least a couple times over now. It stings, but the burning has passed - LOL. On the downside, loyalty is a 2 way street, and early buyers have every right to feel how they feel.

Cheer up, at least you still have a kick ass multi FX unit.


For those eager to lecture as to why early buyers of the FX8 shouldn't hold Fractal to account for at least some of their dilemma, you clearly don't care.
Not don't care, can't care -- it's how free markets function, so what's there to care about?

Railing against this is railing against the entire way our society functions when it comes to the exchange of goods. Do you get mad and fume on the messages boards of BMW or Ford or whatever car brand you happen to own when they release a new model every year, further devaluing the aging model you own? Certainly if you feel like posting here is worth your time and effort, you should definitely feel like posting on the car manufacturers sites because, monetarily, you're taking a much bigger depreciation hit on a vehicle when a new model is released. It's literally worth more of your time to rail about it there than it is to rail about it here if such a thing was even valuable.

I get there's emotion here, but put it aside and really think about what you're complaining about here.


Twist twist ...

Everyone EXPECTS an annual new auto release to happen. Not so from Fractal. Your analogy is invalid. Face it, you're not helping. So stop.


New here
Everyone expects a manufacturer to release new products. They are in business to make money. Obsolescence is planned. New stuff is made. Fractal is no different and no one is getting "screwed". This whole argument is silly. Welcome to Amurika. ;)


Fractal Fanatic
Interesting arguments here. I think the problem selling the FX is not what fractal did. I think it is guys are having the same thought you guys who are selling your FX are having which is "should I get an AX" Over seas if you buy a new Fractal product you WILL most likely lose money when you sell. Why? Because you had to pay those huge import fees ect which drove up your price. I have sold 3 MFC (no it was not any kind of hussle) a Axe MK1 and a Axe XL (and a liquid foot jr) all to buyers over seas and in a few cases I made money (very little but non the less it is profit) In all honesty almost all of my gear sales including guitars have all been to over seas buyers. Why is this? The always said the same thing buying a used Fractal (or other gead) even at new or almost new prices is cheaper than buying a new one here. The have the seller declare a low value (foregoing insurance) so they pay little to no import taxes ect when they receive it. So even though they "over pay" for a used product the save that VAT ect and in their mind they are winning because over all they saved money.
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