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Small FRFR monitor


I've been using a pair of FBT 12ma monitors for years. They sound amazing. They're no longer popular here but I've never found the need to change unless there's something a lot cheaper or significantly lighter.

For the past several years all my gigs use IEMs. I still bring my monitors so that notes sustain and for feedback. I've been considering getting a small monitor to accomplish this and leave the FBTs for home or if I have a gig without IEMs. For this role I'm picturing either a mic stand monitor or a very small wedge. The QSC K8 is nice but pretty expensive. I'd like something smaller. I don't need 2000 watts.

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I’d save the weight and costs and just get. freqout pedal. Nice feedback effect at the press of a button, without needing volume, getting close to the speaker etc

It’s not perfect but works equally well on loke 95% of cases and is just so easy to use


I'm actually very interested in trying the Freqout. I've seen videos of Ford Thurston demoing it that has me intrigued. I wish there was an easy way to achieve this with the Axe-fx.
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