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Since 10.06 came out...


I have not wanted for anything new out of my AxeFx. This is the first time in recent memory I have not thought to myself ..." this is so good, BUT the next update will solve this, this and this!!!"

10.06 is pretty much perfect IMHO.

Love that sh&*.

Thank you FAS!


It is nice, better then the last but it's funny to read posts like this, as soon as the next firmware drops you will inevitably read another post just like this one :lol . Ether way FAS seems to keep one upping them selves with firmware which I can't imagen can go on much longer. The fact that we get it for free is the best thing of all, maybe that's why it always seems to add to the fact that it's so much better each time a new version drops.


Fractal Fanatic
Yea the TripTik sounds really interesting; I liked this blurb from the website Carol-Ann Custom Amplifiers, LLC

"The design of this amplifier is a true ground up design and has not been inspired by any other amplifier out there. It is an original back to the drawing board design."

Sounds like it'll have it's own kinda mojo/vibe...will be fun to check out for sure. Would be killer to get all three channels MIMIC'ed!!
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