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Scenes and Parallel lines


I understand how to use scenes on a single line of the grid, switching blocks on and off when changing scenes.

But I would like to use two lines of the grid (say 1 and 2) and select one or the other just changing scene. For instance, scene 1 would call line 1 (drive/amp/cab) and scene 2 would call line 2 (drive 2/amp2/Cab2). Obviously if I only switch off blocks of line 2 when using scene 1, the consequence will be that I will only have 50% of the signal going through line 1 and the remaining 50% will be unprocessed going through line 2. (At least this is the way I understand it).

Before FW 9 I used to do this using a mixer activated with an external pedal.

Is there a way to do the same just using scenes and no external switch/pedal ?


you can do exactly what you described above. to stop the signal going through the 2nd row, for example, change the Bypass mode of one of the blocks from Thru to Mute. same thing for Row 1. maybe do an Amp or Cab block.
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