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Replaced by a Pod 2.0 Bean


Sansamp VT bass for bass guitar - In fact the Sansamp set to a clean SVT type sound with a decent overdrive pedal for the dirty parts is just something that works with a loud PA very well without fail. Love them!

For guitar - I've heard those little Mooer preamps and they're surprisingly great for going through a gig without having to carry the Axe Fx. Easy to dial in and pretty responsive to the guitar volume. Don't really play lots of guitar live so I'll just borrow my friend's 5150 style pedal when needed.

The first pick is always going to be an Axe Fx of course. Needless to say - I never trust the backline and will always go straight to the desk. It's just more convenient, consistent and often keeps the stage volume low which makes for a better experience overall.


I use a POD X3 Live as a backup. However, I’ve been seriously considering a Helix, and now a Helix Stomp.
I love my AXE, but its be an overkill for certain situations, such as practice or mini gigs where I just need a 2-3 tones.
I agree. And I'm so simplistic in my tones (in a cover band situation, anyway). The thing I risk now is finding the convenience of my "backup rig" SO convenient that I opt for it over my Axe, despite the Axe being light years ahead of it in terms of tone and function.

I had considered the Helix stomp, too, after having owned a Helix which I loved (sold it to my bassist after falling in love with my Axe III). But then I remembered my Pod and was like, "Hmm. I wonder if I can save $600..." lol
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