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Replaced by a Pod 2.0 Bean


Well, that's it, folks. End of the line. Time to sell. Used my Pod 2.0 Bean at rehearsal last night and no one said a thing!

JUST KIDDING! Well, not really. Not entirely, I should say.

I decided to try out my "backup rig" that I found on Craigslist for a steal when I was liiving in Hawaii and had a blast! It's amazing how usable that old tech still is. It's definitely no replacement for the Axe, but it'll probably sit in my trunk at gigs *just in case.* My bassist did tell me afterward that during one of the songs he could definitely tell that it wasn't the Axe. We play The Killers' Mr. Brightside (makes white girls go nuts in bars) and the intro riff has a lot of high-on-the-neck notes that make or break the complexity and detail of amp modeling and the Pod couldn't cut it (at least compared to the Axe).

Eh. It was a fun jaunt but not something I'd enjoy being relegated to full-time. The Axe is king, plain and simple. I was thinking about getting the HX Stomp but then remembered I had the Pod buried in a foot locker!

What are you guys using as backup rigs? Every pull out your old gear just for giggles? Anyone have a V-Amp? Johnson J-Station? Zoom 505? Korg Pandora? There was so much fun gear over the years :)

Cheers, y'all!



My very first modeler was a Digitech BP-8 bass multi-effects pedal. It had a single 12AX7 tube in it. It taught me that I HATE most effects. I like overdive, delay chorus, and reverb. That's it. Anyway, I've seen them around for under $100, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to part with the cash for one lol!


This post got me thinking about some old gear. I used to have a Marshal Valvestate VS102 combo, loved the sound of that thing and have been thinking about getting one for the nostalgia, but i know it will just sit in a corner as I only play the Axe III now anyway.

Still, it's nice to reminisce about some of the gear you used to own.


Power User
i've been FRFR since before it was called that. these won't all classify as modelers but it goes something like this (beginning in 1990): Rockman XPR, Yamaha DG Stomp, Rocktron Prophesy, Marshall JMP1, Vox Tonelab SE, AxeFxIIXL+ (still have it), Ax8, AxeFxIII. Plus a few recent sidekicks like Helix (gone), Amplifire (gone). My current backseat backup is a Boss GT-1. Little sucker kicks ass and runs on batteries.


I have a Atomic Amplifire 12 for a backup.
My first FRFR was in the early 90's. A Roland GP16, a Tube Works MosValve and 2 EV S200 cabs.


Anybody remember this POS? The DOD GS30!!! I actually purchased one while waiting for my first Vetta to get to the store.


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Anybody remember this POS? The DOD GS30!!! I actually purchased one while waiting for my first Vetta to get to the store.
OMG!!! I do! I think I had one... Or one of my friends did; either way, I remember the feel of those buttons... for some reason the feel of the buttons and pedal are more nostalgic than any memory of the tone lol!


POD Bean (1st Gen), then a VOX Tonelab, then an Eleven Rack. They were serially incremental upgrades in quality of tone IMHO.
Now I have the AxeIII none compare. The 11 rack is all I have left & it would do as a backup.
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