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Wish Reel ADT Double Tracking in Delay Block


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Wel Cooper is using the Detune, to create that effect, is more a Van Halen effect
There is no Detune with the Reel ADT they create two extra signals (left and right) and delays them with a VariSpeed so you do not feel the Detune, but really two other guitars, the also add some tapedrive to those signals.
It is really not the same
It feels more natural..
But thanks anyway


@Cooper Carter @R.D.
Hi, i tried to amulate de Reel ADT, in the same preset as Cooper did.
If you want to try it?
SC1 = without
SC2 = Cooper Detune Block
SC2 = Reel ADT Test
SC3 = Reel ADT Test + Cooper Detune Block


  • Petru Rig 2020 vs Reel ADT Test.syx
    48.2 KB · Views: 4
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