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Quantum 1.05 Hot Kitty test - Drop-D noodling - cleanish and heavy

Alex C

Here's some noodling using the 1.05 firmware.

I used a Kiesel DC727 into an Axe-Fx II MkI using Quantum 1.05 firmware.

The amp model is the Hot Kitty into the Vox Beatle 4x12 cab that was part of the "UltraRes Samples" from a few firmwares ago.

No tweaks to default amp settings other than B-M-T and:

The "Single Coil" clip is the bridge pickup split to single coil mode, with the guitar volume knob set at about 80% and not touched for the duration of the clip in order to get a feel for the touch sensitivity of this model.

The "Humbucker" clip is with the bridge humbucker with the guitar volume all the way up, and a FAS Boost drive is engaged for the fun stuff at the end.

"Racecar" is the bridge humbucker all the way up, with no drive.

Alex C

I had updated from 1.02 to what I thought was the most recent firmware in order to investigate the changes that affect the Hot Kitty (as well as the Class-A 15W TB, Class-A 30W TB, and Matchbox D-30).

I realized later that those changes are part of 1.06, which is currently only available through the 1.06 release thread on the forum; the most recent firmware on the Fractal "Product Downloads" page is still 1.05, so that's what I ended up with.

This will be a good opportunity for me to install 1.06 and record some more noodlage to compare.
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