plugins that sound as good as AxeFX III?

I always like the Mercuriall VST's before I bought Fractal
They deffinatly have a huge killer sound, I just had trouble with loading them it was a tricky install, but put a smile on my face when I heard what they could do, very sick tones, but also heavy cpu dependent
When I want to jam and listen to great tone, I use my FAS gear. As far as recording music, I stick with plugins such as Helix Native, Eleven or CLA guitars. All work well in a mix with other instruments. I don't work real hard trying to get the ultimate guitar tone. If it all blends well, I stick with it
Yeah I do the opposite and have trouble with my mixes haha I know what your talking about and should record a DI for that reason but don't lol,
I now use my Diezel Hagen through a Torpedo and getting great results, but the Axe has so many colors that inspire so I gave up on plugins
There are no plugins that are as full sounding as the Axe III IMO. However, there are many decent ones out there. The Bogren Digital Rev C is pretty good as are the Neural DSP Plugins (I like the Nolly one).
Ya the Nolly one is mix ready, I made a killer recording the other day with a semi high gain amp of his and didn't need much of anything in the way of processing, it was good to go and really huge sounding in the box..
None, nothing comes close.

I’ve owned and tried most amp plug-ins and the best is Brainwork’s Engl Savage.

But I like the brutes, so take that into consideration.
Sounds pretty cool, gotta say, at least for the thick-ish, fairly gainy stuff Leon was about here.

Is this a thing where you buy it, then are going to want to keep buying add-on bits forever?
One thing I appreciate about Fractal is that that's not the case.
Everything comes in the box, except for third-party IRs, and maybe DynIRs, all of which are quite optional.
I got mine for free bcuz I own a Torpedo Captor X, but think once you buy it, all updates are free, I love my FM3 way better but I can totally get away with using this for some killer tones for recording
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