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plugins that sound as good as AxeFX III?


now that there are a bunch of good plugins, which ones comes the closest to the sound of your axefx III Turbo?
Not sure about guitar but for bass I use the Brainworx Ampeg B-15N plug-in which I actually prefer over the Axe fx II bass models.
I haven't tried one in ages, but I sometimes see people that think some are now better (which always makes me laugh, although I don't consider myself a fanboy) and some are pretty awesome (or at least in a mix).

I think you have to make a difference between high gain and others, as even a POD can be close (remembering a quote from Cliff waaaay back, which was of course comparing to earlier Axe firmware too). AFAIK, the genius of Fractal algorithms is more obvious in non-high gain amps.

So if you're talking high gain, it's just a matter of recording the SLO 100 (for example) and trying a demo of the Neural DSP version (as they seem to have the best name?). See if you (or people you trust) can consistently detect or prefer one above the other (if similarly tweaked).

And yes, I trust that Scuffham S-Gear is very good! If I wanted a great one, that's the one I would demo/purchase.
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Dont plugins have latency in comparison to modelers?
Traditionally yes, however, faster computers have brought plugins into the realm of being usesble with a current mid level computer. I enjoy jamming into plugins but I find one of the drawbacks is that plugins have a harder time replicating the exact strength of a guitar signal compared to Axefx which allows guitar character to show thru more exactly. But all in all, imo, plugins seem to be a fast progressing frontier of modelling.
There are no plugins that are as full sounding as the Axe III IMO. However, there are many decent ones out there. The Bogren Digital Rev C is pretty good as are the Neural DSP Plugins (I like the Nolly one).
I think for guitar amp modelling there is no VST that matches the Axe fx. But for effects there are lots of great individual plug-ins that equal the Axe fx. But not an all in one VST.
The Neural DSP Archetype plug ins are very good indeed, but it's worth remembering that what you get is a very limited feature set for your bucks - if one ticks your boxes then it is well worth the relatively small cost (by comparison), and I have found the Plini Archetype is really versatile as it seems to have been designed from the onset NOT to be one or two dB of gain short of white noise, but much more in the mid gain territory for the most part. It can also deliver stellar clean tones. My only issue is that trying to insert it as a real time plug in into ProTools practically brings my MacBook to a dead halt which I really don't think it should be doing. But..... guarantee you won't be selling your Fractal gear just because of it.
Guitar Rig 6 from native instruments is nice to play around with, but you can not compare it with the axe fx 3.....
As a kemper user for many years and also one year with the QC I can say that ToneX is a little better (for the amp sound and feel) than both hardware. AxeFxIII is the best modeler. A lot better than neural DSP plugins and TH-U. ToneX is equal in term of sound quality, that said AxefxIII is a lot more flexible and you can find YOUR sound.
When I want to jam and listen to great tone, I use my FAS gear. As far as recording music, I stick with plugins such as Helix Native, Eleven or CLA guitars. All work well in a mix with other instruments. I don't work real hard trying to get the ultimate guitar tone. If it all blends well, I stick with it
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