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Peavey 5150 II Rhythm/Crunch Channel?

Paul '82

Hi everyone!
I don't know if someone have already posted a thread like this.
I'd like to know how can I obtain the crunch channel sound of 5150 II / 6505+.
In the model list there are only models of Red Channels, but i need the orange channel boosted with a Tubescreamer.
Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance.


Paul '82

I've already tried. Is similar, but not the same (I've just listen sounds on internet). I'm not an owner of the Peavey head so I can't compare the sounds between SLO and 5150, I think that the sound is fatter than the slo100.

Paul '82

Haha Cliff must have really liked it!

My band mate usually uses the crunchy channel of his 6505 boosted with a Tubescreamer in some songs. He has a very good sound for songs like Spiritual Beggars' "Angel Of Betrayal". Very open but focused at the same time! :D
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