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  1. diezel013

    Metallica Black Album Tone

    Here’s a preset I’ve cooked up to play some Black Album tunes with. Amp/cab/settings/EQ were translated as best as possible from notes/pictures of the Black Album sessions and subsequent tour. I used Fabfilter Pro Q3 just to analyze the EQ curves from the album, and ultimately this helped me...

    "5mn with an Axe-Fx III" - EP#8 - 30 to 38 - Crunch/disto paradise !

    Factory presets 30 to 39 : crunch/disto paradise ! 🎸😊 “5mn avec un Axe-Fx III” - la série : —> Don't forget to subscribe ... 👍 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaDOB3tLJVMi8zoiYF9hjrQ/?sub_confirmation=1
  3. Andrea Maccianti


    A classical improvisation over this ZZ Top Style Backing Track. Great fun! Here I used my A.M. Marshall JTM 45. This patch has 4 Scenes.Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. ENJOY IT! :)
  4. S

    Tone Matching problem

    Hello my fractal audio fellas! I have had this problem a while now, or i don't really know is it a problem or just nature of tone matching. But whenever i am trying to tone match, let's just say Metallica's Orion guitar track for example, i can get pretty close result but i certainly hear that...
  5. Paul '82

    Peavey 5150 II Rhythm/Crunch Channel?

    Hi everyone! I don't know if someone have already posted a thread like this. I'd like to know how can I obtain the crunch channel sound of 5150 II / 6505+. In the model list there are only models of Red Channels, but i need the orange channel boosted with a Tubescreamer. Can someone help me...
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