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New Tour Preset


Can I just say that this preset is awesome @camilovelandiamusic - I tweaked your Friedman choice over to the JMP 1 preamp and BAM - an instantly useable preset that got me through a full 3 hour gig over the weekend.

This indeed is an excellent and balanced all-round preset, very tailored for gigging (not too bright). You can also load it into a III with FracTool.
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thank you so much for sharing @camilovelandiamusic don't take this the right way but you have huge ears. followed your recommend on the ownhammer g65 and it is golden. will do the sm on this recommendation (now... what to delete to make space... hmmm)

edit: also... if/when/possible... please recommend more cabs!
This preset is very well thought out. I'm curious how you switch the drive, delay, and reverb X/Y's on your board? Forgive me if the answer is obvious as I use an AXE-FX II and not an AX8.

I might have missed it in the video but what kind of guitar & PU is this made for. I played it with my Anderson with buckers last night and it's pretty hot.
Looks like SC's, judging by his profile pic.
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