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ax8 preset

  1. camilovelandiamusic

    New Tour Preset

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share my new (maybe not so new, but hadn't posted before) Touring Preset...
  2. Roby Rocks

    Bogner Shiva

    In this preset I wanted to demonstrate the great versatility of Bogner Shiva. In fact the Shiva has one of the most beautiful Clean Sounds of all time and works very well with the many overdrive pedals. The first scene is clean and dry, and the second has a more "ambient” sound; in the last...
  3. Mark Pritchard

    Queen - Brian May Preset

    Hi all, here is a preset I made for Bohemian Rhapsody, you could probably use it for a lot of other Queen songs too. In the video I'm using my Les Paul, I'm using the middle position with both pickups out of phase. Enjoy.
  4. Mark Pritchard

    Radiohead 'Creep' Preset

    Hi all, here is a Radiohead - Creep preset I made. There is no vocals in the video for copyright reasons. 2 Scenes: Scene 1 - Clean for the Verse Scene 2 - Distortion for the Chorus. Enjoy.
  5. Mark Pritchard

    LIT - 'My Own Worst Enemy Preset'

    Hi everyone, here is a preset I made for LIT - My Own Worst Enemy, a song from the late 90's (pop punkish) Its a simple preset using the Spawn Rod amp. 2 Scenes Scene 1 - The rhythm Scene 2 - Ive just added a drive for the solo part. Here is the solo part of the song.
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