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Need to improve my output amp/speaker for my AX8


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Hi everyone,

I have an Axe II and an Ax8, the later of which I use more often because I play out with it into FOH.

At home, I am feeling less excitement about the Ax8. I've sometimes had a better time playing through my old Fender solid-state Princeton 112+, in which I changed the speaker to an Eminence Texas Heat.

It dawned on my that at home, my Fractal gear is amplified by a single Rokit 6" speaker. This is probably the weakest part of my chain, when in general, speakers should be the strongest.

I've been thinking about getting 1) better studio monitors, or 2) something FRFR I can play out with, like a Matrix FR10 or FR12. Not sure if I want to go with the CLRs, which I thought to be far more expensive, but they may not be.

What are your opinions?



I'd definitely upgrade the speaker if I were you. Do you play running the AXII or AX8 through a computer or interface where you are already set up for studio monitors? If so, you could find a pair of open box Presonis Eris 5 for around $100 and make a relatively inexpensive decision about the direction you want to go in. I've got a pair that sound great, IMO. I've also got FRFR options (Xitone and Yamaha DXR10). The DXR10 can be had used for around $450ish. It's one of the better bang for your buck FRFR speaker/PA solutions and it's 1100 watts LOUD and very light. One Rokit 6" probably isn't that inspiring to play through. Maybe buy a 2nd?


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Highly recommend the atomic CLR and Xitone (I have both) Xitone will take about a month to built and ship, the CLR are out of stock for the next month but they pop up on Reverb from tim eot time. Also, try calling Atomic sometimes they have B stock hanging around (mine is B stock has a small chip on one corner)

They both run about $900 but well worth it and you will love them
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