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Need a "Let's Dance" by Bowie, Delay/Reverb block. Help!

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
For the lead guitar? Doesn't sound like anything special to me. Wide room reverb.



Only way I could get it to my satisfaction was to have two Ten Tap delays in parallel, and I use my second EV_2 pedal to control input to the long delay : 0 input until just before the last downbeat/last chord of each phrase... works like a charm, but is some tap dancing. Would love it if someone could automate that somehow...

I am pretty sure it is two takes on the recording. See Scene 2 on the preset, and you will have to update Cab block - I use York Audio IR's so they are not included of course. Scene 5 is my lead Scene - and the reason for the additional Delay block.. not really necessary but I have an FX III and can, so why not!


  • Lets Dance.syx
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