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My new beauties..


image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg I thought I'd share my newest acquisitions with the forum! They both absolutely scream and have very distinct personalities.
The Black Beauty is a 1998/57 reissue and has a slightly thinner neck. The gold one is a 2016 Gibson Fort Knox Custom. This one is slightly brighter sounding and seems a bit louder.
Super fun week coming dialing them in with the axefx!! Any LP people out there with any recommendations for presets?


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That goldtop is beyond beautiful.

Plus one on putting roller bridges on those babies- not only will the TOMS give you tuning instability, but string breakage at the bridge will be an issue (and a painful one- learned that lesson years and years ago)...


I never considered rolling bridges... I just priced them and they seem to be an obvious choice for and guitar with a `Bigsby? Good Call.


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I'm typically not a fan of gold hardware on anything but a Black Beauty, but that gold top with all the gold is pretty sexy. I've never found a Les Paul w/ Bigsby that I could get along with though.. always too heavy. But those both look fantastic.. congrats!


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They are both gorgeous! I also agree with the others on the roller bridge. I have a Taylor T3/B and Epiphone LP both with Bigsbys and roller bridges. No issues at all. I have had a couple other Bigsby loaded guitars with non rolling bridges and they were tuning nightmares.
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