ML Brit Family Sampler Clips (Video)


Cab Pack Wizard
Hey guys so in case someone missed it Fractal Audio and ML Sound Lab just released a flexible Cab Pack systems called "ML Brit Family" which you can check out here:

One of the coolest options is the sampler pack that includes all ten Marshall cabs in a limited format for the price of one Cab Pack. People have been asking me about what the limitations are so I realized I had to create this video explaining everything:

Feel free to ask me about anything! That's what I'm here for. :)
That's great! You should have IR's to last for years! Literally if you use a different IR every day you should be good for over 5 years. :D
This is a good guide... TBH, I find a lot of IR libraries to be too much of a good thing, they can be overwhelming in terms of data/options. A nice demo showing the basic differences and detailed info on the specifics of the speakers, etc. Definitely adds value to the collection.
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