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Mission M1 - Progress Report


Happy to say we completed concept phase on the little Mission controller and it is now in development. It will have 8 exp inputs to support up to 8 standard expression pedals or 4 switching ones or any combination thereof. Ports will be 'universal' to accept any combination of external expression pedals and switches. It will have MIDI in/out/through. The inputs are completely programmable to any MIDI CC's via the on-board stomp switches and blue LCD display. In use display will show pedal position so you can see if your volume pedal is all the way up -- or down, however unlikely ;-). It will accept power via a 7 pin MIDI cable from the Axe-FX's pass through. It has on board USB for software upgrades. First version will be as an expression pedal /switch expander but it has a decent display, 4 stomp switches, and a powerful ARM processor, so I foresee MIDI program change capability being added at a later date so it can be used as a basic MIDI floor controller. This will just require a software update to enable :). Send me your comments, suggestions, feature requests. James. james@mission-engineering.com


Jack Napalm

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Very cool. I could easily see using this in conjunction with a MIDI Xchange or MIDI Mouse. To have the flexibility of using combinations of switching or expressions pedals is very cool.

When using a switching pedal will their be an indicator of state?

Let me know when I can beta test for you!. :D


The plan is for the display to show pedal position for each channel via a little bar graph, so when using a switch this would be all the way up, or all the way down.
But now you mention it, we should probably put LED's on there too. I'll see if we have space. See, that's why i ask you guys ;-)
For years I have been searching for something like this. Will it be possible for the screen to display the program/patch name? This would be great for upgrading basic, and even homemade switchboards.



We should be able to provide the capability to choose to display a patch name in place of the position indicators. Current plan is for Q4 2011 production availability. I'll keep everyone updated as we narrow the date down. We are trying to keep price to around $200. We've taken into account in the design the possibility that we could do a larger version with 8 on board switches and a larger display in the future.


OK, so with 8 TRS inputs, each input could accept one of three setups:


TRS-TS->switch A

(TS)->switch A
(RS)->switch B


From 4 switching expression pedals to up to 16 switches and everything in between for $200! Wow, great project.

Nice work Mission Engineering. :mrgreen
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Many folks have been asking for an update on the M1, so here's a quick status. The mechanical and electrical design of the boards is complete. The initial boards check out fine with a few minor issues that should easily be resolved. The quality of the boards from our contract manufacturer is very good and we are very pleased with the progress and the fact we've been able to get it all into a pretty small format. We are working on the design of the chassis and should have initial drawings in a few days. Once those are good we'll submit to our metal shop for manufacture. I am working on the user interface spec, and as soon as I have a preliminary completed we'll start firmware development. We are still on schedule for the end of the year.P8303115.jpg
What would be a simple, cheap and high quality switchboard to be used with the M-1?

I'm deciding between this and the MFC-101
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