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Mesa Mark V Model/Preset


New Member
Hey guys. I don't post a lot, usually getting what I need from reading so thanks for the great community and content. Also, Cliff want to say thanks for such a great product and updates - 3.0 is amazing!!

When I purchased my II, it was more to compare to my Mark V as I had heard so many great reviews, I had to hear it first hand. Not being a career musician, I could not justify keeping both and fully expected to be selling the II after a detailed evaluation. Well, after 2 months, I can safely say the II is staying with me!! So now I am on a quest to remove any reason to keep the Mark V. I have all but done that, but there is something I am still missing in my Mark IV patch (based on USA Lead I) when comparing directly to the Mark V. Now I know the USA Lead I is based on a Mark IV, and the Mark V Mark IV mode I have read is slightly different so am wondering if that is the difference.

So then I am on my way home from Seattle on a business trip and I read in a Guitar World interview with John Petrucci that Fractal Modelled his Mark V so he could use the Axe-FX for writing, demos, etc. It goes on to say that John only used the Mark V for the actual recording of their new CD and used the Axe for everything else.

So my question is if that was an actual amp model or a preset that was done for JP? if a model, is that going to make a future firmware update? If a preset, any way you could post?

Another thought I had was that maybe the EQ is what is a bit off given that the Mark Series 5 band EQ is different that the GEQ we have in the amp block. My thought was to mimic the MV EQ by using the PEQ and setting the frequencies to the same as on the Mesa. But anyone know what Q setting to use to pull this off?

Thanks everyone for listening and sorry for the long post.

NY Guitarist

This is just what I'm hoping for and wondering too.

I was SO close to pulling the trigger on a new MK V, but keep holding out hope that I'll have an Axe II soon...


Fractal Audio Systems
It was just a preset. The Mk V is basically a compendium of previous Mesa amps. There may be minor differences in tone due to circuit layout but nothing a few tweaks to the EQ can't fix.

Also, don't underestimate the importance of the Speaker Impedance stuff. That page is extremely powerful.


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Thanks much Cliff for the quick reply and the great advice. I basically have it dialed now and it sounds spot on, but the sliders on my amp block are in very different positions than on my MV. I guess I need to stop trying to emulate that 5 band EQ and just trust my ears.

To NY Guitarist - if you have not yet bit on the MV, I would suggest holding off. The II, especially with 3.0 really nails the tones with a little work. If you do decide to pick up a Mark V, I know a guy who has one in mint condition (100% studio, never moved, never gigged) that he will be selling, LOL


Fractal Fanatic
Hey Cbaf, If you have any high gain mark v presets, I would love to get what you've worked on. I dont have a mark v so your true comparison sounds would be sweet, thanks in advance.


New Member
Hey guys. Sorry about the delay, just saw the requests here for patches. Here is the one I have been working on, basically a tweaked version of Preset 13 "USA Lead". I adjusted Amp block basic and EQ pages to try and mimic the sound I am getting out of my Mark V Channel 3 Mark IV mode. Also changed the Cabs to something more appropriate for High gain. Also, want to to point out this has been tweaked using my Guitar and FRFR system (EV Live X) so may sound a lot different on your end. Hope it helps!

View attachment MIV Lead.syx
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