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Looking for guru in NYC


Hey Larry, let's see of anyone else signs up-I don't want to hassle you for one person, and the fact that the initial person who started this idea can't come is also like pouring salt on the wound....Not fair to Chris...


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Hey 6L6C, That's great shoud ea good night with Carl Roa paying! See you Thursday. Early show. I'm on at 8pm Carl at 9pm. We may get a nice jam going afterwards too. :0)
Yeah seen Carl a week’s few ago (he kicked ass!) and so did Joe Nardulli Joe Nardulli - Home (Sorry have to plug my friend!:D But he did kick ass!!). Joe is interested in my setup so we have another convert in the future.

Also had seen Carl a little less than two months ago with the Travis Larson band. And again Carl and his band kicked ass as did Travis’s band.

And what do all three bands have in common? All guitar driven and melodic as hell.

For anyone interested:
Carl Roa - High Intensity Rock Guitar
Joe Nardulli - Home
Travis Larson Band


Larry Mitchell

Yes they all do. I was lucky enough to tour opening for the Travis Larson band last year and Travis is bad mo fo! and also one of the nicest people I have ever met. That band really has ALL of the stuff together merchandising, booking, touring, and the van is crazy cool and yes the all are great players. I'm so looking forward to the show with Carl Thursday! And the jam to follow. :0)



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I've said it before, but it bares repeating...besides being a monster player and right up there with the guitar gods, Larry Mitchell is one of the absolute coolest, sincere, most down-to-earth persons you will ever come across. Everyone should go out and support this guy. Kudos Larry! It's really quite refreshing to see.


Want to give everyone a last minute shot at joining me-we JUST arranged to meet in Carroll studios at 115 PM for an hour or two. Larry is being gracious enough to join me even if it's just me, but if you want to come join us call me ASAP at 917-873-2524-Ari


Hey all, I was away for two days so I couldn't update this thread, but Larry Mitchell was a tremendous help (and a great guy to hang with)! He went through some of his patches detail for detail to help me out, and then had a look at some of mine and made adjustments for my rig with my guitar. Also showed me some great tips about ho to use X/Y as well as Global amps and effects! I just wish I had more time to take a MUSIC lesson from him in the time we had, but I had to drive up to PA so we cut the session short. Thanks again Larry! I'll upload some pictures later if I get a chance.
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