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Let’s see those guitars


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Funny thing is I bought all 3 used online. I found the 2011 Standard on Guitar Center's used section of their site. I actually thought it was transparent black based on the one crappy pic and minimal description. Imagine my surprise when I ripped open the box, popped the case, and saw this PURPLE Les Paul staring back at me. I've grown to love it though. Added Suhr Aldrich pickups and it's turned into my #1.
A set of Aldrich pickups sound glorious in most LPs! Great pickups!:)


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To me, Les Pauls are the best looking electric guitars. Everything about them looks awesome.
No argument from me there.
I've got plenty of LP books (beauty of the burst,...)
And to say it's a very simplistic design - except for the carved top.
You take the shape of an acoustic, take a chunk out of it to reach the high frets, slam some pups on and a couple of knobs and voila.
if you compare it to a Strat, which is much mire ergonomic and thought out, it's a big difference.
The Strat has the volume knob in the right place, a much better headstock design, more ergonomic, a whammy,...
But somehow, the LP looks just great.
I always had a love hate relation.
I used to work for a company that imported Gibson and they had a full time luthier fixing Gibson's crap.
So I'll never support a company that doesn't take it's QC seriously and charges waaaaaaaay too much for it's products.
But I still love the looks.
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